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Español > 1 sentido de la palabra mástil:
NOMBREartifactmástila vertical spar for supporting sails
Español > mástil: 1 sentido > nombre 1, artifact
SentidoA vertical spar for supporting sails.
Part debalandra, embarcación a vela, veleroA vessel that is powered by the wind
Partescalcés, espiga, topeThe head or top of a mast
EspecíficobandolaA temporary mast to replace one that has broken off
masteleroThe mast next above a lower mast and topmost in a fore-and-aft rig
mesana, mizenmast, palo de mesanaThird mast from the bow in a vessel having three or more masts
palo de trinquete, trinqueteThe mast nearest the bow in vessels with two or more masts
palo mayorThe chief mast of a sailing vessel with two or more masts
GeneralvergaA stout rounded pole of wood or metal used to support rigging
Adjetivoprovisto de mástilhaving or furnished with a mast

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