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Español > 2 sentidos de la palabra escultora:
NOMBREperson escultora, entallador, escultor, tallador, tallistaan artist who creates sculptures
person escultoraa woman sculptor
Español > escultora: 2 sentidos > nombre 1, person
SentidoAn artist who creates sculptures.
Sinónimosentallador, escultor, tallador, tallista
CasosAlberto Giacometti, GiacomettiSwiss sculptor and painter known for his bronze sculptures of elongated figures (1901-1966)
Alexander CalderUnited States sculptor who first created mobiles and stabiles (1898-1976)
Aristide MaillolFrench sculptor of monumental female nudes (1861-1944)
Auguste Rodin, RodinFrench sculptor noted for his renderings of the human form (1840-1917)
Barbara HepworthBritish sculptor (1902-1975)
Bartholdi, Frederic Auguste BartholdiFrench sculptor best known for creating the Statue of Liberty now in New York harbor
Benvenuto Cellini, CelliniItalian sculptor (1500-1571)
Bernini, Giovanni Lorenzo BerniniItalian sculptor and architect of the baroque period in Italy
Brancusi, Constantin BrancusiRomanian sculptor noted for abstractions of animal forms (1876-1957)
Claes OldenburgUnited States sculptor (born in Sweden)
CrawfordUnited States neoclassical sculptor (1814-1857)
Daniel Chester FrenchUnited States sculptor who created the seated marble figure of Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. (1850-1931)
David Roland Smith, David Smith, SmithUnited States sculptor (1906-1965)
Donatello, Donato di Betto BardiFlorentine sculptor famous for his lifelike sculptures (1386-1466)
Gaston LachaiseUnited States sculptor (born in France) noted for his large nude figures (1882-1935)
George SegalUnited States sculptor (born in 1924)
Henry Moore, Henry Spencer MooreBritish sculptor whose works are monumental organic forms (1898-1986)
Hoffman, Malvina HoffmanUnited States sculptor (1887-1966)
Isamu NoguchiUnited States sculptor (1904-1988)
Jacob Epstein, Sir Jacob EpsteinBritish sculptor (born in the United States) noted for busts and large controversial works (1880-1959)
Jacques LipchitzUnited States sculptor (born in Lithuania) who pioneered cubist sculpture (1891-1973)
Leonardo da Vinci, LeonardoItalian painter and sculptor and engineer and scientist and architect
Lorado Taft, TaftUnited States sculptor (1860-1936)
Louise NevelsonUnited States sculptor (born in Russia) known for massive shapes of painted wood (1899-1988)
Maya LinUnited States sculptor and architect whose public works include the memorial to veterans of the Vietnam War in Washington (born in 1959)
Michelangelo Buonarroti, Michelangelo, Miguel Angel, Miguel ÁngelFlorentine sculptor and painter and architect
Pablo Picasso, Picassoprolific and influential Spanish artist who lived in France (1881-1973)
Praxitelesancient Greek sculptor (circa 370-330 BC)
EspecíficoescultoraA woman sculptor
GeneralartistaA person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination / imagination
Ingléssculptor, sculpturer, carver, statue maker
Catalánentallador, escultora, escultor, tallador
Verboscincelar, cortar, esculpir, grabar, tallarform by carving
esculpir, grabarshape (a material like stone / stone or wood) by whittling away at it
esculpircreate by shaping stone / stone or wood or any other hard material
Español > escultora: 2 sentidos > nombre 2, person
SentidoA woman sculptor.
Generalentallador, escultora, escultor, tallador, tallistaAn artist who creates sculptures
Catalánescultora, escultor

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