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English > 2 senses of the word thrive:
VERBchangethrive, boom, flourish, expandgrow vigorously
possessionthrive, prosper, fly high, flourishmake steady progress
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English > thrive: 2 senses > verb 1, change
MeaningGrow vigorously.
PatternSomething ----s
ModelThe business is going to thrive
Synonymsboom, flourish, expand
NarrowerluxuriateThrive profusely or flourish extensively
reviveBe brought back to life, consciousness, or strength
BroadergrowBecome larger / larger, greater, or bigger
Spanishcrecer, florecer, medrar, prosperar
Catalancréixer, prosperar
English > thrive: 2 senses > verb 2, possession
MeaningMake steady progress; be at the high point in one's career or reach a high point in historical significance or importance.
PatternSomething ----s; Somebody ----s
Synonymsprosper, fly high, flourish
Broaderchange state, turnUndergo a transformation or a change of position or action
Spanishacaudalar, crecer, florecer, fly high, medrar, proliferar, prosperar
Catalancréixer, prosperar, surar

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