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English > 3 senses of the word settler:
NOUNperson settler, colonista person who settles in a new colony or moves into new country
person settlera negotiator who settles disputes
person settlera clerk in a betting shop who calculates the winnings
settler > pronunciation
Soundsseh'tahler; seh'tler
Rhymesalveolar ... Ziegler: 240 rhymes with ler...
English > settler: 3 senses > noun 1, person
MeaningA person who settles in a new colony or moves into new country.
InstancesEndecott, Endicott, John Endecott, John Endicottborn in England
Hutchinson, Anne HutchinsonAmerican colonist (born in England) who was banished from Boston for her religious views (1591-1643)
Minuit, Peter Minuit, Minnewit, Peter MinnewitDutch colonist who bought / bought Manhattan from the Native Americans for the equivalent of $24 (1580-1638)
Standish, Miles Standish, Myles StandishEnglish colonist in America
Williams, Roger WilliamsEnglish clergyman and colonist who was expelled from Massachusetts for criticizing Puritanism
Winslow, Edward WinslowEnglish colonial administrator who traveled to America on the Mayflower and served as the first governor of the Plymouth Colony (1595-1655)
NarrowerPilgrim, Pilgrim FatherOne of the colonists from England who sailed to America on the Mayflower and founded the colony of Plymouth in New England in 1620
pioneerOne the first colonists or settlers in a new territory
sourdoughA settler or prospector (especially in western United States or northwest Canada and Alaska)
squatter, homesteader, nestersomeone who settles lawfully on government land with the intent to acquire title to it
Broadermigrant, migratortraveler who moves from one region / region or country to another
Spanishcolona, colonizador, colono, poblador
Catalancolonitzador, colon, poblador
Verbssettletake up residence and become established
settleform a community / community
English > settler: 3 senses > noun 2, person
MeaningA negotiator who settles disputes.
Broadernegotiator, negotiant, treatersomeone who negotiates (confers with others in order to reach a settlement)
Verbssettlebring to an end
English > settler: 3 senses > noun 3, person
MeaningA clerk in a betting shop who calculates the winnings.
RegionUnited Kingdom, UK, U.K., Britain, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Great BritainA monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles
BroaderclerkAn employee who performs clerical work (e.g., keeps records or accounts)
Spanishempleado de apuestas

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