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NOUNperson Semitic deitya deity worshipped by the ancient Semites
English > Semitic deity: 1 sense > noun 1, person
MeaningA deity worshipped by the ancient Semites.
CategoryantiquityThe historic period preceding the Middle Ages in Europe
InstancesAdadBabylonian god of storms and wind
AdapaA Babylonian demigod or first man (sometimes identified with Adam)
AnsharThe Babylonian father of the gods
AntumBabylonian consort of Anu
AnuBabylonian god of the sky
Apsufather of the gods and consort of Tiamat
Arurumother and earth goddess in Gilgamish epic
Ashur, AshirChief god of the Assyrians
Astarte, AshtorethAn ancient Phoenician goddess of love / love and fertility
BaalAny of numerous local fertility and nature deities worshipped by ancient Semitic peoples
BelBabylonian god of the earth
Dagangod of agriculture and earth
Dagongod of agriculture and the earth
Damkina, Damgalnunna(Babylonian) earth goddess
Dumuzi, TammuzSumerian and Babylonian god of pastures and vegetation
EaThe Babylonian god of wisdom / wisdom / wisdom
Enkiwater god and god of wisdom / wisdom / wisdom
Enlil, En-lilgod of the air and king of the Sumerian gods
Ereshkigal, Eresh-kigal, Ereshkigelgoddess of death and consort of Nergal
GirruThe Babylonian god of fire
GulaThe Babylonian goddess of healing and consort of Ninurta
IgigiAny of a group of heavenly / heavenly spirits under the god Anu
Inannaconsort of Dumuzi (Tammuz)
Ishtar, MylittaBabylonian and Assyrian goddess of love / love and fertility and war
Kigoddess personifying earth
KisharBabylonian consort of Anshar
MamaA name under which Ninkhursag was worshipped
Marduk, Merodach, Baal Merodach, Bel-MerodachThe chief Babylonian god
Moloch, Molechgod of the Canaanites and Phoenicians to whom parents sacrificed their children
Nabu, NeboBabylonian god of wisdom / wisdom / wisdom and agriculture and patron of scribes and schools
Nammugoddess personifying the primeval sea
Namtar, NamtaruA demon personifying death
Nannagod of the Moon
Nergal(Akkadian) god ruling with his consort Ereshkigal the world of the dead
NinaThe Babylonian goddess of the watery deep and daughter of Ea
Ningal(Akkadian) a goddess
Ningirsu(Babylonian god in older pantheon) god of war and agriculture
NingishzidaAn underworld Babylonian deity
Ninkhursag, Ninhursag, NinkharsagThe great mother goddess
Nintu, NintooA name under which Ninkhursag was worshipped
Ninurta, NinibA solar deity
Nuskugod of fire and light
Rammangod of storms and wind
Sarpanitu, Zirbanit, Zarpanitconsort of Marduk
ShamashThe chief sun god
Sin(Akkadian) god of the Moon
Tashmit, Tashmitumconsort of Nabu
Tiamat(Akkadian) mother of the gods and consort of Apsu
Utnapishtimfavorite of the gods and grandfather of Gilgamish
Utu, Utugsun god
Zu, ZubirdEvil storm god represented as a black bird
NarrowerAnunnaki, EnukiAny of a group of powerful Babylonian earth spirits or genii
LilithIn ancient Semitic folklore
Broaderdeity, divinity, god, immortalAny supernatural being worshipped as controlling some part of the world or some aspect of life or who is the personification of a force
Spanishdivinidad semítica
Catalandivinitat semítica

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