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English Rhymes > 194 rhymes with the ihs sound :

abyss, actinomycosis, allis, amaryllis, ambergris, amiss, amniocentesis, analysis, anaphylaxis, Annapolis, apprentice, arthritis, artifice, asbestosis, atherosclerosis, Atlantis, auspice, Bacchus, baroness, basis, Beatrice, Bellis, bliss, bodice, brainless, business, Camus, ceaseless, chalice, Chloris, chrysalis, cleanliness, cleanness, clematis, clitoris, closeness, cloudiness, Clovis, competitiveness, creepiness, cretaceous / Cretaceous, Curtis, Curtiss, cypress, dampness, Davis, destructiveness, dialysis, diaphanous, Dis, dismiss, diss, Doris, electrophoresis, elephantiasis, Elvis, emphasis, endometriosis, enormous, expressionless, feckless, Felis, focus, friendliness, frothiness, genuineness, goodness, guiltless, harness, Harris, hiss, hopefulness, Horace, huntress, Iglesias, inauspicious, indebtedness, Indianapolis, ineptness, injustice, iris, justice / Justice, kiss, kris, Lanius, largeness, levis, Lewis, lexis, Louis, luscious, lysis, malice, malpractice, Manis, mantis, manus, marchioness, mavis, Memphis, menace, metastasis, Metis, Minneapolis, miss / Miss, moneyless, Morris, Moses, motherless, nemesis / Nemesis, neurofibromatosis, Nevis, Norris, notice, oasis, orris, osmosis, osteoporosis, Otis, paralysis, parenthesis, Paris, peerless, penis, Perlis, pertussis, pervasiveness, phlebitis, photosynthesis, piss, practice, praxis, prejudice, premise, prentice, prosthesis, psychoanalysis, pugnacious, pyxis / Pyxis, rapacious, rareness, rawness, relentless, reminisce, remiss, Reyes, sacredness, sacrilegious, sartorius, seamstress, selflessness, sepsis, service / Service, sexless, shiftless, shortsightedness, siris, sis, sleeveless, smartness, solace, solitariness, solstice, starkness, stateless, steadiness, stinginess, storminess, Suisse, Swiss, Sylvanus, synopsis, syphilis, temptress, tennis, thinness, thoughtfulness, thrombolysis, tiredness, tuberculosis, Tunis, unconsciousness, unhappiness, unwillingness, urinalysis, vagueness, Venice, viciousness, Wallace, wariness, wholeness, Willis, wireless, worthiness

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