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English > 1 sense of the word paralysis:
NOUNstateparalysis, palsyloss of the ability to move a body part
paralysis > pronunciation
Soundsperae'lahsahs; perae'lihsihs
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English > paralysis: 1 sense > noun 1, state
MeaningLoss of the ability to move a body part.
NarrowerErb's palsy, Erb-Duchenne paralysisparalysis of the arm resulting from injury to the brachial plexus (usually during childbirth)
akinesis, akinesiamotionlessness attributable to a temporary paralysis
alaliaparalysis of the vocal cords resulting in an inability to speak
cystoplegia, cystoparalysisparalysis of the urinary bladder
diplegiaparalysis of corresponding parts on both sides of the body
hemiplegia, unilateral paralysisparalysis of one side of the body
monoplegiaparalysis of a single limb
ophthalmoplegiaparalysis of the motor nerves of the eye
paraplegiaparalysis of the lower half of the body (most often as a result of trauma)
paresisA slight or partial paralysis
quadriplegiaparalysis of both arms and both legs
Broaderdysfunction, disfunction(medicine) any disturbance in the functioning of an organ or body part or a disturbance in the functioning of a social group
Spanishanquilosamiento, marasmo, parálisis, paralización, perlesía, tullidez
Adjectivesparalytic, paralyticalrelating to or of the nature of paralysis
paralyticaffected with paralysis

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