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English > 1 sense of the expression religious person:
NOUNperson religious persona person who manifests devotion to a deity
English > religious person: 1 sense > noun 1, person
MeaningA person who manifests devotion to a deity.
InstancesEddy, Mary Baker Eddy, Mary Morse Baker Eddyfounder of Christian Science in 1866 (1821-1910)
Fox, George FoxEnglish religious leader who founded the Society of Friends (1624-1691)
NarrowerBuddhistOne who follows the teachings of Buddha
ChristianA religious person who believes Jesus is the Christ and who is a member of a Christian denomination
Hindu, HindooA person who adheres to Hinduism
Mandaean, MandeanA member of a small Gnostic sect that originated in Jordan and survives in Iraq and who believes that John the Baptist was the Messiah
MoonieAn often derogatory term for a member of the Unification Church
Muslim, MoslemA believer in or follower of Islam
Nazarene, EbioniteA member of a group of Jews who (during the early history of the Christian Church) accepted Jesus as the Messiah
Parsee, ParsiA member of a monotheistic sect of Zoroastrian origin
SabbatarianOne who observes Saturday as the Sabbath (as in Judaism)
abstainer, asceticsomeone who practices self denial as a spiritual discipline / discipline
agnosticA person who claims that they cannot have true knowledge about the existence of God (but does not deny that God might exist)
anointerOne who anoints as a religious ceremony
believer, worshiper, worshipperA person who has religious faith
celibateAn unmarried person who has taken a religious vow of chastity
churchgoer, church memberA religious person who goes to church regularly
coreligionistsomeone having the same religion as another person
missionary, missionersomeone sent on a mission / mission--especially a religious or charitable mission to a foreign country
non-CatholicA religious person who is not a Catholic
novitiate, novicesomeone who has entered a religious order but has not taken final vows
oblateA lay person dedicated to religious work or the religious life
paganA person who follows a polytheistic or pre-Christian religion (not a Christian or Muslim or Jew)
penitent(Roman Catholic Church) a person who repents for wrongdoing (a Roman Catholic may be admitted to penance under the direction of a confessor)
prayer, supplicantsomeone who prays to God
prophetsomeone who speaks by divine inspiration
religionistA person addicted to religion or a religious zealot
religiousA member of a religious order who is bound by vows of poverty and chastity and obedience
religious leaderleader of a religious order
sacrificerA religious person who offers up a sacrifice
tritheistsomeone (not an orthodox Christian) who believes that the Father and Son and Holy Ghost are three separate gods
Broaderperson, individual, someone, somebody, mortal, soulA human being
Oppositenonreligious personA person who does not manifest devotion to a deity
Spanishpersona religiosa
Catalanpersona religiosa

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