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English > 2 senses of the word recrudesce:
VERBchangerecrudesce, break, develophappen / happen
changerecrudesce, erupt, break outbecome raw or open
English > recrudesce: 2 senses > verb 1, change
Meaninghappen / happen.
PatternSomething ----s
Example "These political movements recrudesce from time to time"
Synonymsbreak, develop
Broaderhappen, hap, go on, pass off, occur, pass, fall out, come about, take placeCome to pass
Similar todevelopBe gradually disclosed or unfolded
Spanishdesarrollarse, ocurrir, pasar, recrudecerse, suceder
Catalandonar-se, succeir
Nounsrecrudescencea return of something after a period of abatement
English > recrudesce: 2 senses > verb 2, change
MeaningBecome raw or open.
PatternSomething ----s; Somebody ----s
Example "Such boils tend to recrudesce"
Synonymserupt, break out
Broadertrouble, ail, painCause bodily suffering to and make sick or indisposed

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