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English > 1 sense of the word locality:
NOUNlocationlocality, vicinity, neighborhood, neighbourhood, neck of the woodsa surrounding or nearby region
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English > locality: 1 sense > noun 1, location
MeaningA surrounding or nearby region.
Example "it is a rugged locality"
Synonymsvicinity, neighborhood, neighbourhood, neck of the woods
InstancesCharlestownA former town and present-day neighborhood of Boston
Left Bank, Latin QuarterThe region of Paris on the southern bank of the Seine
MontmartreThe highest point in Paris
Right BankThe region of Paris on the north bank of the Seine
Narrower'hood(slang) a neighborhood
gold coastA rich neighborhood noted for expensive homes and luxurious living
placeA general vicinity
proximityThe region close around a person or thing
sceneryThe appearance of a place
BroadersectionA distinct region or subdivision of a territorial or political area or community or group of people
Spanishbarrio, cercanía, fraccionamiento, inmediaciones, lugar, vecindad, vecindario
Catalanlocalitat, proximitat, rodalies
Adjectiveslocalof or belonging to or characteristic of a particular locality or neighborhood

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