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English > 2 senses of the word infrastructure:
NOUNartifactinfrastructure, substructurethe basic structure or features of a system or organization
artifactinfrastructure, basethe stock of basic facilities and capital equipment needed for the functioning of a country or area
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English > infrastructure: 2 senses > noun 1, artifact
MeaningThe basic structure or features of a system or organization.
Part ofsysteminstrumentality that combines interrelated interacting artifacts designed to work as a coherent entity
BroaderstructureThe manner of construction of something and the arrangement of its parts
Spanishinfraestructura, subestructura
Catalaninfraestructura, subestructura
English > infrastructure: 2 senses > noun 2, artifact
MeaningThe stock of basic facilities and capital equipment needed for the functioning of a country or area.
Partscommunication system, communication equipmentfacility consisting of the physical plants and equipment for disseminating information
fire station, firehouseA station housing fire / fire apparatus and firemen
gas systemfacility (plant and equipment) for providing natural-gas service
mainA principal pipe in a system that distributes water or gas or electricity or that collects sewage
penal institution, penal facilityAn institution where persons are confined for punishment and to protect the public
power system, power grid, gridA system of high tension cables by which electrical power is distributed throughout a region
public worksstructures (such as highways or schools or bridges or docks / docks / docks) constructed at government expense for public use
school systemestablishment including the plant and equipment for providing education from kindergarten through high school
sewage system, sewer system, sewage worksfacility consisting of a system of sewers for carrying off liquid and solid sewage
transportation system, transportation, transitA facility consisting of the means and equipment necessary for the movement of passengers or goods
water system, water supply, waterA facility that provides a source of water
Broaderstore, stock, fundA supply of something available for future use

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