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English > 1 sense of the word huntsman:
NOUNperson huntsman, huntersomeone who hunts game
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English > huntsman: 1 sense > noun 1, person
Meaningsomeone who hunts game.
InstancesNimrod(Old Testament) a famous hunter
Narrowerbounty hunterA hunter who kills predatory wild animals in order to collect a bounty
courserA huntsman who hunts small animals with fast dogs that use sight rather than scent to follow their prey
deer hunterhunter of deer
duck hunterhunter of ducks
falconer, hawkerA person who breeds and trains hawks and who follows the sport of falconry
fowlersomeone who hunts wild birds for food
huntressA woman hunter
lion-huntersomeone who hunts lions
pothuntersomeone who hunts for food (not for sport)
snarersomeone who sets snares for birds or small animals
stalkersomeone who stalks game
trackersomeone who tracks down game
trappersomeone who sets traps for animals (usually to obtain their furs)
Broaderskilled worker, trained worker, skilled workmanA worker who has acquired special skills

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