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English > 3 senses of the word expedient:
ADJECTIVEallexpedientserving to promote your interest
allexpedientappropriate to a purpose
NOUNactexpedienta means to an end
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English > expedient: 3 senses > adjective 1
MeaningServing to promote your interest.
Example"was merciful only when mercy was expedient"
NarroweradvantageousAppropriate for achieving a particular end
carpetbag, carpetbaggingpresumptuously seeking success or a position in a new locality
opportunist, opportunistic, timeservingtaking immediate advantage, often unethically, of any circumstance of possible benefit
See alsoadvantageous, favorable, favourableGiving an advantage
convenientsuited to your comfort or purpose or needs
politicmarked by artful prudence, expedience, and shrewdness
useful, utileOf use or service
Oppositeinexpedientnot suitable or advisable
Nounsexpediencetaking advantage of opportunities without regard for the consequences for others
Adverbsexpedientlyin an expedient manner
English > expedient: 3 senses > adjective 2
MeaningAppropriate to a purpose; practical.
Example"in the circumstances it was expedient to express loyalty"
Broaderpoliticmarked by artful prudence, expedience, and shrewdness
Spanishastuto, perspicaz, sagaz
Nounsexpedience, expediencythe quality of being suited to the end in view
English > expedient: 3 senses > noun 1, act
MeaningA means to an end; not necessarily a principled or ethical one.
NarrowercrutchAnything that serves as an expedient
improvisation, temporary expedientAn unplanned expedient
makeshift, stopgap, make-doSomething contrived to meet an urgent need or emergency
pis aller, last resortAn expedient adopted only in desperation
Broadermeans, agency, wayHow a result is obtained or an end is achieved

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