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Català > 4 sentits de la paraula polit:
ADJECTIUallpolit, endreçatof places
allpolit, net, ordenat, pulcrehabitually clean / clean
allpolit, pulcreneat and smart in appearance
NOManimalpolitlarge migratory shorebirds of the sandpiper family
Català > polit: 4 sentits > adjectiu 1
SentitOf places; characterized by order and neatness; free from disorder.
Anglèsshipshape, trim, well-kept
Espanyolcuidado, ordenado
Català > polit: 4 sentits > adjectiu 2
SentitHabitually clean / clean.
Sinònimsnet, ordenat, pulcre
GeneralnetFree from dirt or impurities
Espanyolaseado, limpio, ordenado, pulcro
Nomsnetedatdiligence in keeping clean
Català > polit: 4 sentits > adjectiu 3
SentitNeat and smart in appearance.
Anglèsclean-cut, trig, trim
Espanyolaseado, nítido, pulcro
Català > polit: 4 sentits > nom 1, animal
Sentitlarge migratory shorebirds of the sandpiper family; closely related to woodcocks but having a down-curved bill.
Membre degenus numenius, numeniuscurlews
EspecíficNumenius arquataCommon Eurasian curlew
GenerallimícolaAny of numerous wading birds that frequent mostly seashores and estuaries
Espanyolzarapito, zarapito real

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