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English > 1 sense of the word estuary:
NOUNobjectestuarythe wide part of a river where it nears the sea
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English > estuary: 1 sense > noun 1, object
MeaningThe wide part of a river where it nears the sea; fresh and salt water mix.
InstancesHumberAn estuary in central northeastern England formed by the Ouse River and the Trent River
Para, Para RiverAn estuary in northern Brazil into which the Tocantins River flows
Rio de la Plata, La Plata, Plata RiverAn estuary between Argentina and Uruguay
Part ofriverA large natural stream of water (larger / larger than a creek)
NarrowerfirthA long narrow estuary (especially in Scotland)
Broaderbody of water, waterThe part of the earth's surface covered with water (such as a river or lake or ocean)
Spanishestuario, ría
Adjectivesestuarine, estuarialof or relating to or found in estuaries

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