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Català > 2 sentits de la paraula oïda:
NOMbodyoïda, orellathe sense organ for hearing and equilibrium
cognitionoïda, audició, facultat auditiva, sentit auditiuthe ability to hear
Català > oïda: 2 sentits > nom 1, body
SentitThe sense organ for hearing and equilibrium.
Part decap, puntaThe upper part of the human body or the front part of the body in animals
sistema auditiuThe sensory system for hearing
sistema vestibularorgans mediating the labyrinthine sense
Partsartèria auricularartery that supplies blood to the ear
fenestraA small opening covered with membrane (especially one in the bone between the middle and inner ear)
timpàThe membrane in the ear that vibrates to sound
vestíbulThe central cavity of the bony labyrinth of the ear
òrgan auditiuThe part of the ear that is responsible for sensations of sound
Generalòrgan sensorial, receptor, receptor sensitiuAn organ having nerve endings (in the skin or viscera or eye or ear or nose or mouth) that respond to stimulation
Espanyoloído, oreja
AdjectiusòticOf or relating to near the ear
Català > oïda: 2 sentits > nom 2, cognition
SentitThe ability to hear; the auditory faculty.
Sinònimsaudició, facultat auditiva, sentit auditiu
Categoria desistema auditiuThe sensory system for hearing
Específicoïda absolutaThe ability to identify the pitch of a tone
Anglèshearing, audition, auditory sense, sense of hearing, auditory modality
Espanyolaudición, facultad auditiva, modalidad auditiva, oído, sentido auditivo, sentido del oído
AdjectiusauditiuOf or relating to the process of hearing
Verbsoir, sentirperceive (sound) via the auditory sense

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