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Català > 2 sentits de la paraula nombrós:
ADJECTIUallnombrós, abundant, abundós, copiós, exuberant, profúsproduced or growing in extreme / extreme abundance
allnombrósamounting to a large indefinite number
Català > nombrós: 2 sentits > adjectiu 1
Sentitproduced or growing in extreme / extreme abundance.
Sinònimsabundant, abundós, copiós, exuberant, profús
Generalabundant, abundós, copiósPresent in great quantity
Anglèsexuberant, lush, luxuriant, profuse, riotous
Espanyolabundante, abundoso, copioso, exuberante, nombroso, profuso
Nomsdevessall, luxe, profusió, riquesaThe property of being extremely abundant
esponera, exuberància, ufana, ufanorThe property of being lush and abundant and a pleasure to the senses
Català > nombrós: 2 sentits > adjectiu 2
SentitAmounting to a large indefinite number.
GeneralmoltsA quantifier that can be used with count nouns and is often preceded by 'as' or 'too' or 'so' or 'that'
Anglèsnumerous, legion
Espanyolnumerosa, numeroso

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