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NOMcommunicationllenguatge natural, idioma, llengua, llengua naturala human written or spoken language used by a community
Català > llenguatge natural: 1 sentit > nom 1, communication
SentitA human written or spoken language used by a community; opposed to e.g. a computer language.
Sinònimsidioma, llengua, llengua natural
EspecíficKhoisanA family of languages spoken in southern Africa
amerindi, índia, indi, llengua ameríndia, pellrojaA member of the race of people living in America when Europeans arrived
bascThe language of the Basque people
criollA mother tongue that originates from contact between two languages
dravídic, llengua dravídicaA large family of languages spoken in south and central India and Sri Lanka
elamitaAn extinct ancient language of unknown affinities
hmongA language of uncertain affiliation spoken by the Hmong
indoeuropeu, llengua indoeuropeaThe family of languages that by 1000 BC were spoken throughout Europe and in parts of southwestern and southern Asia
llengua caucàsicaA number of languages spoken in the Caucasus that are unrelated to languages spoken elsewhere
llengua maternaOne's native language
llengua niger-kordofanianaThe family of languages that includes most of the languages spoken in Africa south of the Sahara
llengua nilo-saharianaA family of East African languages spoken by Nilotic peoples from the Sahara south to Kenya and Tanzania
llengua tonalA language in which different tones distinguish different meanings
Generalcomunicació lingüística, idioma, llengua, llenguatgeA systematic means of communicating by the use of sounds or conventional symbols
Contrarillenguatge artificialA language that is deliberately created for a specific purpose
Anglèsnatural language, tongue
Espanyolidioma, lenguaje natural, lengua, lengua natural

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