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Español > 2 sentidos de la palabra loma:
NOMBREobjectloma, cerro, colina, collado, montaña, monte, oteroa local and well-defined elevation of the land
objectloma, cerrito, colina, collado, montecillo, montículo, motaa small natural hill
Español > loma: 2 sentidos > nombre 1, object
SentidoA local and well-defined elevation of the land.
Sinónimoscerro, colina, collado, montaña, monte, otero
CasosCapitol Hill, la colinaA hill in Washington, D.C., where the Capitol Building sits and Congress meets
PenninesA system of hills in Britain that extend from the Scottish border in the north to the Trent River in the south
San Juan HillA hill in eastern Cuba (near Santiago de Cuba) that was captured during the Spanish-American War
Sionoriginally / originally a stronghold captured by David (the 2nd king of the Israelites / Israelites)
calvario, GólgotaA hill near Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified
PartesladeraThe side or slope of a hill
Específicocerrito, colina, collado, loma, montecillo, montículo, motaA small natural hill
contrafuerte, estribación, estriboA relatively low hill on the lower slope of a mountain
GeneralelevaciónA raised or elevated geological formation
Catalánpuig, tossal, turó
Adjetivomontañoso, montuosoHaving hills and crags
Español > loma: 2 sentidos > nombre 2, object
SentidoA small natural hill.
Sinónimoscerrito, colina, collado, montecillo, montículo, mota
EspecíficohormigueroA mound of earth made by ants as they dig their nest
kopjeA small hill rising up from the African veld
toperaA mound of earth made by moles while burrowing
Generalcerro, colina, collado, loma, montaña, monte, oteroA local and well-defined elevation of the land
Inglésknoll, mound, hillock, hummock, hammock
Verbosamontonarform into a rounded elevation

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