HyperDic: ahjh

English Rhymes > 85 rhymes with the ahjh sound :

acreage, adage, adjudge, advantage, anchorage / Anchorage, assemblage, average, baggage, begrudge, budge / Budge, cabbage, carriage, Carthage, cartilage, cartridge, cleavage, concubinage, cordage, cottage, courage, coverage, damage, dosage, drainage, drudge, encourage, fudge, grudge, hemorrhage, heritage, hermitage, homage, image, judge, knowledge, language, leakage, leverage, lineage, linkage, lovage, luggage, manage, message, mileage, mintage, miscarriage, misjudge, mortgage, nudge, orphanage, outage, package, parentage, partridge, passage, patronage, peerage, percentage, pilgrimage, plumage, porridge, portage, postage, prejudge, privilege, sacrilege, salvage, sausage, savage, sewage, shortage, sludge, smudge, spoilage, storage, tonnage, trudge, usage, vantage, village / Village, visage, voltage, voyage, wreckage

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