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NOUNperson psychiatrist, head-shrinker, shrinka physician who specializes in psychiatry
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English > psychiatrist: 1 sense > noun 1, person
MeaningA physician who specializes in psychiatry.
Synonymshead-shrinker, shrink
InstancesHorney, Karen Horney, Karen Danielsen HorneyUnited States psychiatrist (1885-1952)
Jaspers, Karl Jaspers, Karl Theodor JaspersGerman psychiatrist (1883-1969)
Menninger, Charles Menninger, Charles Frederick MenningerUnited States psychiatrist who with his sons founded a famous psychiatric clinic in Topeka (1862-1953)
Menninger, Karl Menninger, Karl Augustus MenningerUnited States psychiatrist and son of Charles Menninger (1893-1990)
Menninger, William Menninger, William Claire MenningerUnited States psychiatrist and son of Charles Menninger (1899-1966)
Sullivan, Harry Stack SullivanUnited States psychiatrist (1892-1949)
NarroweralienistA psychiatrist and specialist in the legal aspects of mental illness
analyst, psychoanalystA licensed practitioner of psychoanalysis
Broaderspecialist, medical specialistpractices one branch of medicine
Spanishloquero, psiquiatra, siquiatra
Catalanpsiquiatra, psiquiatre
Nounspsychiatrythe branch of medicine dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders

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