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English > 2 senses of the word liveliness:
NOUNactliveliness, animationgeneral activity and motion
attributeliveliness, life, spirit, sprightlinessanimation and energy in action or expression / expression
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English > liveliness: 2 senses > noun 1, act
Meaninggeneral activity and motion.
BroaderactivityAny specific behavior
Adjectiveslivelyfull of life and energy
livelyfilled with events or activity
English > liveliness: 2 senses > noun 2, attribute
Meaninganimation and energy in action or expression / expression.
Synonymslife, spirit, sprightliness
Attributeslivelyfull of life and energy
Narrowerairiness, delicacylightness in movement or manner
alacrity, briskness, smartnessliveliness and eagerness
breeziness, jauntinessA breezy liveliness
elanenthusiastic and assured vigor and liveliness
energy, muscularity, vigor, vigour, vimAn imaginative lively style (especially style of writing)
espritliveliness of mind or spirit
exuberance, enthusiasm, ebullienceoverflowing with eager enjoyment or approval
high-spiritednessexuberant liveliness
irrepressibility, buoyancyirrepressible liveliness and good spirit
pep, peppiness, gingerliveliness and energy
pertnessQuality of being lively and confident
Broaderanimation, spiritedness, invigoration, brio, vivificationQuality of being active or spirited / spirited / spirited or alive and vigorous / vigorous
Spanishlozanía, vida, vivacidad, viveza
Catalanvida, vivesa, vivor
Adjectiveslivelyfull of spirit
livelyquick and energetic
livelyfull of zest or vigor

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