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English > 2 senses of the word inactiveness:
NOUNstateinactiveness, inaction, inactivitythe state of being inactive
attributeinactiveness, inactivity, inertiaa disposition to remain inactive or inert
English > inactiveness: 2 senses > noun 1, state
MeaningThe state of being inactive.
Synonymsinaction, inactivity
Narrowerabeyance, suspensiontemporary cessation or suspension
anergyinactivity and lack of energy
arrest, check, halt, hitch, stay, stop, stoppageThe state of inactivity following an interruption
calcificationAn inflexible and unchanging state
deep freezetemporary inactivity or suspension
desuetudeA state of inactivity or disuse
dormancy, quiescence, quiescencyA state of quiet (but possibly temporary) inaction
extinctionno longer active
holding patternA state of inaction with no progress and no change
restA state of inaction
stagnation, stagnancy, doldrumsA state of inactivity (in business or art etc)
stagnation, stagnancyinactivity of liquids / liquids
stasisinactivity resulting from a static balance between opposing forces
BroaderstateThe way something is with respect to its main attributes
Oppositeaction, activity, activenessThe state of being active
Spanishinacción, inactividad
Catalaninacció, inactivitat, innacció
Adjectivesinactivelacking activity
inactive(of e.g. volcanos) not erupting and not extinct
English > inactiveness: 2 senses > noun 2, attribute
MeaningA disposition to remain inactive or inert.
Synonymsinactivity, inertia
Narrowerindolence, lazinessinactivity resulting from a dislike of work
languor, lethargy, sluggishness, phlegm, flatnessinactivity / inactivity
passivity, passivenessThe trait of remaining inactive
restfulnessThe attribute of being restful
BroadertraitA distinguishing feature of your personal nature
Oppositeactiveness, activityThe trait of being active
Spanishinactividad, inercia
Catalaninactivitat, inèrcia
Adjectivesinactivenot active physically or mentally
inactivelacking in energy or will

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