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English > 3 senses of the word flexibility:
NOUNattributeflexibility, flexiblenessthe property of being flexible
attributeflexibility, flexiblenessthe quality of being adaptable or variable
attributeflexibility, tractability, tractablenessthe trait of being easily persuaded
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English > flexibility: 3 senses > noun 1, attribute
MeaningThe property of being flexible; easily bent or shaped.
Narrowerbendability, pliabilityThe property of being easily bent without breaking / breaking / breaking
whip(golf) the flexibility of the shaft of a golf club
Broadermalleability, plasticityThe property of being physically malleable
Oppositeinflexibility, inflexiblenessA lack of physical flexibility
Adjectivesflexibleable to flex
flexiblebending and snapping back readily without breaking / breaking
English > flexibility: 3 senses > noun 2, attribute
MeaningThe quality of being adaptable or variable.
Example"he enjoyed the flexibility of his working arrangement"
Narrowerwiggle roomflexibility of interpretation or of options
BroaderadaptabilityThe ability to change (or be changed) to fit changed circumstances
Oppositeinflexibility, rigidity, rigidnessThe quality of being rigid and rigorously severe
Adjectivesflexibleable to adjust readily to different conditions
English > flexibility: 3 senses > noun 3, attribute
MeaningThe trait of being easily persuaded.
Synonymstractability, tractableness
Attributesintractablenot tractable
tractable, manipulableeasily managed (controlled or taught or molded)
Narroweramenability, amenableness, cooperativenessThe trait of being cooperative
docilityThe trait of being agreeably submissive and manageable
manageability, manageablenesscapable of being managed or controlled
obedienceThe trait of being willing / willing to obey
tameness, domesticationThe attribute of having been domesticated
BroadertraitA distinguishing feature of your personal nature
Oppositeintractability, intractablenessThe trait of being hard to influence or control
Spanishdocilidad, tratabilidad
Adjectivesflexiblemaking or willing to make concessions

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