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English > 1 sense of the word plasticity:
NOUNattributeplasticity, malleabilitythe property of being physically malleable
English > plasticity: 1 sense > noun 1, attribute
MeaningThe property of being physically malleable; the property of something that can be worked or hammered or shaped without breaking / breaking.
Narrowerductility, ductilenessThe malleability of something that can be drawn into threads or wires or hammered into thin sheets
flexibility, flexiblenessThe property of being flexible
Broaderphysical propertyAny property used to characterize matter and energy and their interactions
OppositeunmalleabilityA lack of malleability
Spanishmaleabilidad, plasticidad
Catalanmaleabilitat, mal·leabilitat, plasticitat
Adjectivesplasticcapable of being molded / molded or modeled (especially of earth or clay or other soft material)

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