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English > 3 senses of the word exemption:
NOUNstateexemption, freedomimmunity from an obligation or duty
possessionexemptiona deduction allowed to a taxpayer because of his status (having certain dependents or being blind or being over 65 etc.)
actexemption, immunity, granting immunityan act exempting someone
exemption > pronunciation
Soundsihgzeh'mpshahn; ihgzeh'mshahn
RhymesAachen ... Zukerman: 2572 rhymes with ahn...
English > exemption: 3 senses > noun 1, state
Meaningimmunity from an obligation or duty.
NarroweramnestyA period during which offenders are exempt from punishment
diplomatic immunityexemption from taxation or normal processes of law that is offered to diplomatic personnel in a foreign country
grandfather clauseAn exemption based on circumstances existing prior to the adoption of some policy
impunityexemption from punishment or loss
indemnitylegal exemption from liability for damages
Broaderunsusceptibility, immunityThe state of not being susceptible
Spanishexención, libertad
Catalanexempció, llibertat
Verbsexemptgrant relief or an exemption from a rule or requirement to
English > exemption: 3 senses > noun 2, possession
MeaningA deduction allowed to a taxpayer because of his status (having certain dependents or being blind or being over 65 etc.).
Example"additional exemptions are allowed for each dependent"
Broadertax write-off, tax deduction, deductionA reduction in the gross amount on which a tax is calculated
English > exemption: 3 senses > noun 3, act
MeaningAn act exempting someone.
Synonymsimmunity, granting immunity
NarrowerfixAn exemption granted / granted after influence (e.g., money) is brought to bear
official immunitypersonal immunity accorded to a public official from liability to anyone injured / injured by actions that are the consequence of exerting official authority
sovereign immunityAn exemption that precludes bringing a suit against the sovereign government without the government's consent
use immunity, testimonial immunityAn exemption that displaces the privilege against self-incrimination
Broaderrelease, waiver, dischargeA formal written statement of relinquishment
Spanishdispensa, exención, inmunidad
Catalandispensa, exempció, immunitat

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