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English > 1 sense of the expression Emperor of Rome:
NOUNperson Emperor of Rome, Roman Emperorsovereign of the Roman Empire
English > Emperor of Rome: 1 sense > noun 1, person
MeaningSovereign of the Roman Empire.
SynonymRoman Emperor
InstancesAntoninus, Aurelius, Marcus Aurelius, Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, Marcus Annius VerusEmperor of Rome
Antonius PiusEmperor of Rome
Augustus, Gaius Octavianus, Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus, OctavianRoman statesman who established the Roman Empire and became emperor in 27 BC
Caligula, Gaius, Gaius CaesarRoman Emperor who succeeded Tiberius and whose uncontrolled passions resulted in manifest insanity
Claudius, Claudius I, Tiberius Claudius Drusus Nero GermanicusRoman Emperor after his nephew Caligula was murdered
Constantine, Constantine I, Constantine the Great, Flavius Valerius ConstantinusEmperor of Rome who stopped the persecution of Christians and in 324 made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire
DeciusEmperor of Rome who was proclaimed emperor against his will
Diocletian, Gaius Aurelius Valerius DiocletianRoman Emperor who when faced with military problems decided in 286 to divide the Roman Empire between himself in the east and Maximian in the west
Domitian, Titus Flavius DomitianusEmperor of Rome
Hadrian, Publius Aelius Hadrianus, AdrianRoman Emperor who was the adoptive son of Trajan
Julian, Julian the Apostate, Flavius Claudius JulianusRoman Emperor and nephew of Constantine
Maximian, Marcus Aurelius Valerius Maximianus, HerculiusRoman Emperor from 286 until he abdicated in 305
Nero, Nero Claudius Caesar Drusus Germanicus, Lucius Domitius AhenobarbusRoman Emperor notorious for his monstrous vice / vice and fantastic luxury (was said to have started a fire that destroyed much of Rome in 64) but the Roman Empire remained prosperous during his rule (37-68)
Nerva, Marcus Cocceius NervaEmperor of Rome who introduced a degree of freedom after the repressive reign of Domitian
Theodosius, Theodosius I, Theodosius the Great, Flavius TheodosiusThe last emperor of a united Roman Empire, he took control of the eastern empire and ended the war with the Visigoths
Tiberius, Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar Augustusson-in-law of Augustus who became a suspicious tyrannical Emperor of Rome after a brilliant military career (42 BC to AD 37)
Titus, Titus Vespasianus Augustus, Titus Flavius VespasianusEmperor of Rome
Trajan, Marcus Ulpius TraianusRoman Emperor and adoptive son of Nerva
Vespasian, Titus Flavius Sabinus VespasianusEmperor of Rome and founder of the Flavian dynasty who consolidated Roman rule in Germany and Britain and reformed the army and brought prosperity to the empire
BroaderemperorThe male ruler of an empire
Spanishemperador de roma, emperador romano
Catalanemperador de roma, Emperador romà

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