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NOUNplantcycadany tropical gymnosperm of the order Cycadales
English > cycad: 1 sense > noun 1, plant
MeaningAny tropical gymnosperm of the order Cycadales; having unbranched stems with a crown of fernlike leaves.
Narrowerburrawong, Macrozamia communis, Macrozamia spiralislarge attractive palmlike evergreen cycad of New South Wales
ceratozamiaA small cycad of the genus Ceratozamia having a short scaly woody trunk and fernlike foliage and woody cones
dioonAny cycad of the genus Dioon
encephalartosAny of numerous cycads of the genus Encephalartos having stout cylindrical trunks and a terminal crown of long often spiny pinnate leaves
kaffir bread, Encephalartos cafferSouth African cycad
macrozamiaAny treelike cycad of the genus Macrozamia having erect trunks and pinnate leaves and large cones with sometimes edible nuts
sago palm, Cycas revolutaDwarf palmlike cycad of Japan that yields sago
zamiaAny of various cycads of the genus Zamia
Broadergymnospermplants of the class Gymnospermae having seeds not enclosed in an ovary
Spanishcicadácea, cycadophyta
Catalancicadàcia, cicadofití

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