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English > 1 sense of the expression class Gymnospermae:
NOUNplantclass Gymnospermae, Gymnospermae, Gymnospermophyta, division Gymnospermophytaplants having naked seeds not enclosed in an ovary
English > class Gymnospermae: 1 sense > noun 1, plant
Meaningplants having naked seeds not enclosed in an ovary; in some systems considered a class (Gymnospermae) and in others a division (Gymnospermophyta); comprises three subdivisions (or classes): Cycadophytina (class Cycadopsida) and Gnetophytina (class Gnetopsida) and Coniferophytina (class Coniferopsida); in some classifications the Coniferophytina are divided into three groups: Pinophytina (class Pinopsida) and Ginkgophytina (class Ginkgopsida) and Taxophytina (class Taxopsida).
SynonymsGymnospermae, Gymnospermophyta, division Gymnospermophyta
Member ofSpermatophyta, division Spermatophytaseed plants
MembersConiferopsida, class Coniferopsida, Coniferophytina, subdivision Coniferophytina, Coniferophytacone-bearing gymnosperms dating from the Carboniferous period
Cycadopsida, class Cycadopsida, Cycadophytina, subdivision Cycadophytina, Cycadophyta, subdivision Cycadophytapalmlike gymnosperms
Ginkgopsida, class Ginkgopsida, Ginkgophytina, class Ginkgophytina, subdivision Ginkgophytina, subdivision Ginkgophytaginkgos
Gnetopsida, class Gnetopsida, Gnetophytina, subdivision Gnetophytina, Gnetophytagymnospermous flowering plants
Pteridospermopsida, class PteridospermopsidaExtinct gymnosperms most of Carboniferous to Jurassic
gymnospermplants of the class Gymnospermae having seeds not enclosed in an ovary
gymnosperm familyA family of gymnosperms
gymnosperm genusA genus of gymnosperms
gymnospermous treeAny tree of the division Gymnospermophyta
Broaderclass(biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more orders

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