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NOUNbodycranial nerveany of the 12 paired nerves that originate in the brain stem
English > cranial nerve: 1 sense > noun 1, body
MeaningAny of the 12 paired nerves that originate in the brain stem.
Narrowerabducent, abducent nerve, abducens, abducens nerve, nervus abducens, sixth cranial nerveA small motor nerve supplying the lateral rectus muscle of the eye
accessory nerve, spinal accessory, nervus accessorius, eleventh cranial nerveArises from two sets of roots (cranial and spinal) that unite to form the nerve
acoustic nerve, auditory nerve, vestibulocochlear nerve, nervus vestibulocochlearis, eighth cranial nerveA composite sensory nerve supplying the hair cells of the vestibular organ and the hair cells of the cochlea
facial, facial nerve, nervus facialis, seventh cranial nervecranial nerve that supplies facial muscles
glossopharyngeal nerve, nervus glossopharyngeus, ninth cranial nervesensory nerve to the pharynx and back of the tongue
hypoglossal, hypoglossal nerve, nervus hypoglosus, twelfth cranial nerveSupplies intrinsic muscles of the tongue and other tongue muscles
oculomotor, oculomotor nerve, nervus oculomotorius, third cranial nerveSupplies extrinsic muscles of the eye
olfactory nerve, nervii olfactorii, first cranial nerveA collective term for numerous olfactory filaments in the nasal mucosa
optic nerve, nervus opticus, second cranial nerve, optic tractThe cranial nerve that serves the retina
trigeminal, trigeminal nerve, trigeminus, nervus trigeminus, fifth cranial nerveThe main sensory nerve of the face and motor nerve for the muscles of mastication
trochlear, trochlear nerve, trochlearis, fourth cranial nerveEither of the two cranial nerves on either side that control the superior oblique muscles of the eyes
vagus, vagus nerve, nervus vagus, pneumogastric, pneumogastric nerve, tenth cranial nerve, wandering nerveA mixed nerve that supplies the pharynx and larynx and lungs and heart and esophagus and stomach and most of the abdominal viscera
Broadernerve, nervusAny bundle of nerve fibers running to various organs and tissues of the body
Spanishnervio craneal
Catalannervi cranial

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