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English > 3 senses of the word covetousness:
NOUNfeelingcovetousnessan envious eagerness to possess something
attributecovetousness, avarice, avariciousness, cupidityextreme / extreme greed for material wealth
actcovetousness, avarice, greed, rapacity, avaritiareprehensible acquisitiveness
English > covetousness: 3 senses > noun 1, feeling
MeaningAn envious eagerness to possess something.
Broaderenvy, enviousnessA feeling of grudging admiration and desire to have something that is possessed by another
English > covetousness: 3 senses > noun 2, attribute
Meaningextreme / extreme greed for material wealth.
Synonymsavarice, avariciousness, cupidity
Broadergreedexcessive desire to acquire or possess more (especially more material wealth) than one needs or deserves
Spanishavaricia, codicia
Adjectivescovetousshowing extreme / extreme cupidity
English > covetousness: 3 senses > noun 3, act
Meaningreprehensible acquisitiveness; insatiable desire for wealth (personified as one of the deadly sins).
Synonymsavarice, greed, rapacity, avaritia
Broadermortal sin, deadly sinAn unpardonable sin entailing a total loss of grace
Spanishavaricia, avaritia, avidez, codicia, concupiscencia, rapacidad
Catalanavarícia, avaritia, cobdícia
Adjectivescovetousimmoderately desirous of acquiring e.g. wealth

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