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English > 1 sense of the word adventurous:
ADJECTIVEalladventurous, adventuresomewilling to undertake or seeking out new and daring enterprises
adventurous > pronunciation
Soundsaedveh'ncherahs; ahdveh'ncherahs
Rhymesabacus ... zealous: 1164 rhymes with ahs...
English > adventurous: 1 sense > adjective 1
Meaningwilling to undertake or seeking out new and daring enterprises.
Example"adventurous pioneers"
Narroweraudacious, daring, venturesome, venturousdisposed to venture or take risks
sportingInvolving risk or willingness to take a risk
swaggering, swashbucklingflamboyantly adventurous
See alsoboldfearless and daring
brave, courageouspossessing or displaying courage
enterprisingmarked by imagination, initiative, and readiness to undertake new projects
incautiouslacking in caution
Oppositeunadventurouslacking in boldness
Spanisharriesgado, aventurero, intrépido
Catalanarriscat, aventurer
Nounsadventurea wild and exciting undertaking (not necessarily lawful / lawful / lawful)
adventurousnessthe trait of being adventurous

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