HyperDic: gaffer

Català > 1 sentit de la paraula gaffer:
NOMperson gaffer, capitost, cap, patró, patronaa person who exercises control over workers
Català > gaffer: 1 sentit > nom 1, person
SentitA person who exercises control over workers.
Sinònimscapitost, cap, patró, patrona
EspecíficbaasSouth African term for 'boss'
encarregatA member of a work gang who supervises the other workers
GeneralsupervisorOne who supervises or has charge and direction of
Anglèsforeman, chief, gaffer, honcho, boss
Espanyolcapitoste, caporal, gaffer, jefa, jefe, patrona, patrón
Adjectiusautocràtic, manaire, peremptorioffensively self-assured or given to exercising usually unwarranted power

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