HyperDic: alletar

Català > 1 sentit de la paraula alletar:
VERBconsumptionalletargive suck to
Català > alletar: 1 sentit > verb 1, consumption
Sentitgive suck to.
Implicat perdeslletar, desmamargradually deprive (infants and young mammals) of mother's milk
Generalalimentar, dispensar, entregar, propinar, sustentarGive food to
Similarllepar-se, lleparDraw into the mouth by creating a practical vacuum in the mouth
Anglèsbreastfeed, suckle, suck, nurse, wet-nurse, lactate, give suck
Espanyolamamantar, dar de mamar, lactar
Nomslactàncianourishing at the breast
mainaderaA woman who is the custodian of children
succió, xucladaThe act of sucking / sucking
ventosaAn organ specialized for sucking nourishment or for adhering to objects by suction

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