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Español > 1 sentido de la palabra opulento:
ADJETIVOallopulento, exuberante, lujoso, suntuosorich and superior in quality
Español > opulento: 1 sentido > adjetivo 1
SentidoRich and superior in quality.
Sinónimosexuberante, lujoso, suntuoso
GeneralricoSuggestive of or characterized by great expense
Inglésdeluxe, gilded, grand, luxurious, opulent, princely, sumptuous, lush
Catalánexuberant, luxós, opulent, sumptuós
Nombresderroche, extravagancia, lujoSomething that is an indulgence rather than a necessity
exuberancia, frondosidad, lozanía, voluptuosidadThe property of being lush and abundant and a pleasure to the senses
fasto, fastuosidad, lujo, magnificencia, opulencia, suntuosidadThe quality possessed by something that is excessively expensive
fasto, fastuosidad, lujo, magnificencia, opulencia, suntuosidadwealth as evidenced by sumptuous living
grandeza, grandiosidad, magnificenciasplendid or imposing in size or appearance
Adverbiosgrandemente, lujosamente, magníficamente, suntuosamenteIn a sumptuous and opulent manner

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