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Español > 3 sentidos de la palabra manuscrito:
ADJETIVOallmanuscritowritten by hand
NOMBREcommunicationmanuscrito, hológrafohandwritten book or document
communicationmanuscritothe form of a literary work submitted for publication
Español > manuscrito: 3 sentidos > adjetivo 1
Sentidowritten by hand.
Generalescritoset down in writing in any of various ways
Español > manuscrito: 3 sentidos > nombre 1, communication
Sentidohandwritten book or document.
EspecíficocódiceAn unbound manuscript of some ancient classic (as distinguished from a scroll)
palimpsestoA manuscript (usually written on papyrus or parchment) on which more than one text has been written with the earlier writing incompletely erased and still visible
rolloA document that can be rolled ... / rolled up (as for storage)
GeneralautógrafoSomething written by one's own hand
Inglésmanuscript, holograph
Adjetivoholográficowritten entirely / entirely in one's own hand
Español > manuscrito: 3 sentidos > nombre 2, communication
SentidoThe form of a literary work submitted for publication.
Generalescrito, escrituraThe work of a writer
Inglésmanuscript, ms
Catalánmanuscrit, original

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