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NOUNanimalTragelaphus, genus Tragelaphus, Strepsiceros, genus Strepsiceros(African antelopes) kudus
English > Tragelaphus: 1 sense > noun 1, animal
Meaning(African antelopes) kudus; bongos; nyalas; bushbucks.
Synonymsgenus Tragelaphus, Strepsiceros, genus Strepsiceros
Member ofBovidae, family Bovidaetrue antelopes
Membersbongo, Tragelaphus eurycerus, Boocercus euryceruslarge forest / forest antelope of central Africa having a reddish-brown coat with white stripes and spiral horns
bushbuck, guib, Tragelaphus scriptusantelope with white markings like a harness and twisted horns
harnessed antelopeAny of several antelopes of the genus Tragelaphus having striped markings resembling a harness
kudu, koodoo, koudouEither of two spiral-horned antelopes of the African bush
mountain nyala, Tragelaphus buxtonishaggy antelope of mountains of Ethiopia
nyala, Tragelaphus angasispiral-horned South African antelope with a fringe of white hairs along back and neck
Broadermammal genusA genus of mammals
Spanishgénero Strepsiceros, género Tragelaphus, genus strepsiceros, genus tragelaphus, strepsiceros, Strepsiceros, tragelaphus, Tragelaphus
Catalangenus strepsiceros, genus tragelaphus, strepsiceros, tragelaphus

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