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English > 3 senses of the word torrid:
ADJECTIVEalltorrid, ardent, fervent, fervid, fiery, impassioned, perfervidcharacterized by intense emotion
alltorridemotionally charged and vigorously energetic
alltorridextremely hot
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English > torrid: 3 senses > adjective 1
MeaningCharacterized by intense emotion.
Example "a torrid love affair"
Synonymsardent, fervent, fervid, fiery, impassioned, perfervid
BroaderpassionateHaving or expressing strong emotions
Spanishacalorado, apasionado, ardiente, ferviente
Catalanapassionat, ardent, fervent
English > torrid: 3 senses > adjective 2
Meaningemotionally charged and vigorously energetic.
  • "a torrid dance"
  • "torrid jazz bands"
  • "hot trumpets and torrid rhythms"
BroaderhotExtended meanings
English > torrid: 3 senses > adjective 3
MeaningExtremely hot.
Example"the torrid noonday sun"
BroaderhotUsed of physical heat / heat
Nounstorridityextreme / extreme heat

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