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English > 3 senses of the word thorn:
NOUNcognitionthorn, irritantsomething that causes irritation and annoyance
plantthorn, spine, prickle, pricker, sticker, spikeleta small sharp-pointed tip resembling a spike on a stem or leaf
communicationthorna Germanic character of runic origin
thorn > pronunciation
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English > thorn: 3 senses > noun 1, cognition
MeaningSomething that causes irritation and annoyance.
Example"he's a thorn in my flesh"
Broaderannoyance, bother, botheration, pain, infliction, pain in the neck, pain in the assSomething or someone that causes trouble
Spanishespina, irritación
Catalanespina, irritació, irritant
English > thorn: 3 senses > noun 2, plant
MeaningA small sharp-pointed tip resembling a spike on a stem or leaf.
Synonymsspine, prickle, pricker, sticker, spikelet
Narrowerglochidium, glochidA barbed spine or bristle (often tufted on cacti)
BroaderaculeusA stiff sharp-pointed plant process
Spanishaguijón, espina
Adjectivesthornyhaving or covered with protective barbs or quills or spines or thorns or setae etc.
English > thorn: 3 senses > noun 3, communication
MeaningA Germanic character of runic origin.
Broaderrune, runic letterAny character from an ancient Germanic alphabet used in Scandinavia from the 3rd century to the Middle Ages

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