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English > 4 senses of the word thickness:
NOUNattributethicknessthe dimension through an object as opposed to its length or width
communicationthicknessindistinct articulation
attributethickness, heavinessused of a line or mark
attributethicknessresistance to flow
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English > thickness: 4 senses > noun 1, attribute
MeaningThe dimension through an object as opposed to its length or width.
Attributesthicknot thin
thinOf relatively small extent from one surface to the opposite or in cross section
NarrowergaugeThe thickness of wire
BroaderdimensionThe magnitude of something in a particular direction (especially length or width or height)
Oppositethinness, tenuity, slendernessrelatively small dimension through an object as opposed to its length or width
Spanishespesor, espesura, grosor
Catalangruix, gruxària
Adjectivesthickhard to pass through because of dense growth
English > thickness: 4 senses > noun 2, communication
Meaningindistinct articulation.
Example"judging from the thickness of his speech he had been drinking heavily"
BroaderarticulationThe aspect of pronunciation that involves bringing articulatory organs together so as to shape the sounds of speech
Adjectivesthickspoken as if with a thick tongue
English > thickness: 4 senses > noun 3, attribute
MeaningUsed of a line or mark.
Broaderwideness, broadnessThe property of being wide
Adjectivesthicknot thin
English > thickness: 4 senses > noun 4, attribute
Meaningresistance to flow.
Attributesthickrelatively dense / dense in consistency
thinrelatively thin in consistency or low in density / density
Narrowercreaminess, soupinessThe property of having the thickness of heavy cream
semifluidityA property midway between a solid and a liquid / liquid
Broaderconsistency, consistence, substance, bodyThe property of holding together and retaining its shape
OppositethinnessA consistency of low viscosity
Spanishespesor, espesura
Adjectivesthickrelatively dense / dense in consistency

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