HyperDic: ihjh

English Rhymes > 133 rhymes with the ihjh sound :

abridge, acknowledge, acreage, adage, advantage, afterimage, amperage, anchorage / Anchorage, appendage, assemblage, average, baggage, bandage, beverage, Beveridge, blockage, bondage, breakage, bridge, brokerage, Burbage, cabbage, cabotage, Cambridge, carnage, carriage, Carthage, cartilage, cartridge, cleavage, coinage, Coleridge, college, Coolidge, cottage, courage, coverage, cribbage, damage, disadvantage, discourage, disparage, dosage, drainage, drawbridge, encourage, envisage, foliage, footage, forage, fridge, frontage, fuselage, garbage, hemorrhage, heritage, hostage, image, intermarriage, knowledge, language, leakage, leverage, linage, linkage, luggage, manage, marriage, message, midge, mileage, mintage, mismanage, mortgage, outage, Oxbridge, package, parsonage, partridge, passage, patronage, pepperidge, percentage, pilferage, pilgrimage, pillage, plumage, portage, postage, poundage, presage, privilege, ravage, remarriage, reportage, ridge, rummage, Rutledge, salvage, sausage, savage, scrimmage, seepage, seigniorage, selvage, sewage, sewerage, shortage, shrinkage, signage, slippage, spillage, spoilage, stoppage, storage, suffrage, Sverige, tonnage, triage, tutelage, umbrage, underage, undercarriage, usage, vantage, verbiage, vestige, village / Village, vintage, voltage, voyage, wreckage, yardage

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