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English > 1 sense of the word reputable:
ADJECTIVEallreputablehaving a good reputation
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English > reputable: 1 sense > adjective 1
MeaningHaving a good reputation.
  • "a reputable business"
  • "a reputable scientist"
  • "a reputable wine"
Attribute ofrepute, reputationThe state of being held in high esteem and honor
Narroweresteemed, honored, prestigiousHaving an illustrious reputation
estimable, good, honorable, respectableDeserving of esteem and respect
redoubtableWorthy of respect or honor
respected, well-thought-ofReceiving deferential regard
time-honored, time-honouredAcceptable for a long time
See alsohonorable, honourableworthy of being honored
respectableCharacterized by socially or conventionally acceptable morals
Oppositedisreputablelacking respectability in character or behavior or appearance
Nounsreputabilityhonorableness by virtue of being respectable and having a good reputation / reputation
Adverbsreputablyin a reputable manner

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