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NOUNanimalpismire, ant, emmetsocial insect living in organized colonies
English > pismire: 1 sense > noun 1, animal
MeaningSocial insect living in organized colonies; characteristically the males and fertile queen have wings during breeding season; wingless sterile females are the workers.
Synonymsant, emmet
Member ofFormicidae, family Formicidaeants
Narrowerarmy ant, driver ant, legionary antTropical nomadic ant that preys mainly on other insects
bulldog antAny of the large fierce Australian ants of the genus Myrmecia
carpenter antant that nests in decaying wood in which it bores tunnels for depositing eggs
fire antomnivorous ant of tropical and subtropical America that can inflict a painful sting
little black ant, Monomorium minimumtiny glossy black ant
pharaoh ant, pharaoh's ant, Monomorium pharaonissmall red ant of warm regions
slave-making ant, slave-makerAn ant that attacks colonies of other ant species and carries off the young to be reared as slave ants
slave antAny of various ants captured as larvae and enslaved by another species
wood ant, Formica rufareddish-brown European ant typically living in anthills in woodlands
Broaderhymenopterous insect, hymenopteran, hymenopteron, hymenopterinsects having two pairs of membranous wings and an ovipositor specialized for stinging or piercing
Spanishformicidae, hormiga
CatalanEmmet, formiga

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