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English > 3 senses of the word ordinal:
ADJECTIVEpertordinalof or relating to a taxonomic order
allordinalbeing or denoting a numerical order in a series
NOUNquantityordinal, ordinal number, no.the number designating place in an ordered sequence
English > ordinal: 3 senses > adjective 1, pert
MeaningOf or relating to a taxonomic order.
Example"family and ordinal names of animals and plants"
Nounsorder(biology) taxonomic group containing one or more families
English > ordinal: 3 senses > adjective 2
MeaningBeing or denoting a numerical order in a series.
  • "ordinal numbers"
  • "held an ordinal rank of seventh"
NarrowerbillionthThe ordinal number of one billion in counting order
eighteenth, 18thComing next after the seventeenth in position
eighth, 8thComing next after the seventh and just before the ninth in position
eightieth, 80thThe ordinal number of eighty in counting order
eighty-fifth, 85thThe ordinal number of eighty-five in counting order
eleventh, 11thComing next after the tenth and just before the twelfth in position
fifteenth, 15thComing next after the fourteenth and just before the sixteenth in position
fifth, 5thComing next after the fourth and just before the sixth in position
fiftieth, 50thThe ordinal number of fifty in counting order
fifty-fifth, 55thThe ordinal number of fifty-five in counting order
first, 1stIndicating the beginning unit in a series
five-hundredth, 500thThe ordinal number of five hundred in counting order
fortieth, 40thThe ordinal number of forty in counting order
forty-eighth, 48thThe ordinal number of forty-eight in counting order
forty-fifth, 45thThe ordinal number of forty-five in counting order
forty-first, 41stThe ordinal number of forty-one in counting order
forty-fourth, 44thThe ordinal number of forty-four in counting order
forty-ninth, 49thThe ordinal number of forty-nine in counting order
forty-second, 42ndThe ordinal number of forty-two in counting order
forty-seventh, 47thThe ordinal number of forty-seven in counting order
forty-sixth, 46thThe ordinal number of forty-six in counting order
forty-third, 43rdThe ordinal number of forty-three in counting order
four-hundredth, 400thThe ordinal number of four hundred in counting order
fourteenth, 14thComing next after the thirteenth in position
fourth, 4th, quaternaryComing next after the third and just before the fifth in position or time or degree or magnitude / magnitude
hundred-and-eightieth, 180thThe ordinal number of one hundred eighty in counting order
hundred-and-fifteenth, 115thThe ordinal number of one hundred fifteen in counting order
hundred-and-fifth, 105thThe ordinal number of one hundred five in counting order
hundred-and-fiftieth, 150thThe ordinal number of one hundred fifty in counting order
hundred-and-fifty-fifth, 155thThe ordinal number of one hundred fifty-five in counting order
hundred-and-first, 101stThe ordinal number of one hundred one in counting order
hundred-and-fortieth, 140thThe ordinal number of one hundred forty in counting order
hundred-and-forty-fifth, 145thThe ordinal number of one hundred forty-five in counting order
hundred-and-ninetieth, 190thThe ordinal number of one hundred eighty-five in counting order
hundred-and-seventieth, 170thThe ordinal number of one hundred seventy in counting order
hundred-and-seventy-fifth, 175thThe ordinal number of one hundred seventy-five in counting order
hundred-and-sixtieth, 160thThe ordinal number of one hundred sixty in counting order
hundred-and-sixty-fifth, 165thThe ordinal number of one hundred sixty-five in counting order
hundred-and-tenth, 110thThe ordinal number of one hundred ten in counting order
hundred-and-thirtieth, 130thThe ordinal number of one hundred thirty in counting order
hundred-and-thirty-fifth, 135thThe ordinal number of one hundred thirty-five in counting order
hundred-and-twentieth, 120thThe ordinal number of one hundred twenty in counting order
hundred-and-twenty-fifth, 125thThe ordinal number of one hundred twenty-five in counting order
hundredth, centesimal, 100thThe ordinal number of one hundred in counting order
millionthThe ordinal number of one million in counting order
nineteenth, 19thComing next after the eighteenth in position
ninetieth, 90thThe ordinal number of ninety in counting order
ninety-fifth, 95thThe ordinal number of ninety-five in counting order
ninth, 9thComing next after the eighth and just before the tenth in position
nth, n-thlast or greatest in an indefinitely large series
quadrillionthThe ordinal number of one quadrillion / quadrillion in counting order
quintillionthThe ordinal number of one quintillion in counting order
second, 2nd, 2dComing next after the first in position in space or time or degree or magnitude / magnitude
seventeenth, 17thComing next after the sixteenth in position
seventh, 7thComing next after the sixth and just before the eighth in position
seventieth, 70thThe ordinal number of seventy in counting order
seventy-fifth, 75thThe ordinal number of seventy-five in counting order
sixteenth, 16thComing next after the fifteenth in position
sixth, 6thComing next after the fifth and just before the seventh in position
sixtieth, 60thThe ordinal number of sixty in counting order
sixty-fifth, 65thThe ordinal number of sixty-five in counting order
sixty-fourth, 64thThe ordinal number of sixty-four in counting order
tenth, 10thComing next after the ninth and just before the eleventh in position
third, 3rd, tertiaryComing next after the second and just before the fourth in position
thirteenth, 13thComing next after the twelfth in position
thirtieth, 30thComing next after the twenty-ninth in position
thirty-eighth, 38thThe ordinal number of thirty-eight in counting order
thirty-fifth, 35thThe ordinal number of thirty-five in counting order
thirty-first, 31stComing next after the thirtieth in position
thirty-fourth, 34thThe ordinal number of thirty-four in counting order
thirty-ninth, 39thThe ordinal number of thirty-nine in counting order
thirty-second, 32ndThe ordinal number of thirty-two in counting order
thirty-seventh, 37thThe ordinal number of thirty-seven in counting order
thirty-sixth, 36thThe ordinal number of thirty-six in counting order
thirty-third, 33rdThe ordinal number of thirty-three in counting order
thousandth, 1000thThe ordinal number of one thousand in counting order
three-hundredth, 300thThe ordinal number of three hundred in counting order
trillionthThe ordinal number of one trillion in counting order
twelfth, 12thComing next after the eleventh and just before the thirteenth in position
twentieth, 20thComing next after the nineteenth in position
twenty-eighth, 28thComing next after the twenty-seventh in position
twenty-fifth, 25thComing next after the twenty-fourth in position
twenty-first, 21stComing next after the twentieth in position
twenty-fourth, 24thComing next after the twenty-third in position
twenty-ninth, 29thComing next after the twenty-eighth in position
twenty-second, 22ndComing next after the twenty-first in position
twenty-seventh, 27thComing next after the twenty-sixth in position
twenty-sixth, 26thComing next after the twenty-fifth in position
twenty-third, 23rdComing next after the twenty-second in position
two-hundredth, 200thThe ordinal number of two hundred in counting order
umpteenth, umteenth, umptiethlast in an indefinitely numerous series
zeroIndicating an initial point or origin
zerothpreceding even the first
OppositecardinalBeing or denoting a numerical quantity but not order
Nounsordinalthe number designating place in an ordered sequence
English > ordinal: 3 senses > noun 1, quantity
MeaningThe number designating place in an ordered sequence.
Synonymsordinal number, no.
Narrowerfirst, number one, number 1The first element in a countable series
BroadernumberA concept of quantity involving zero and units
Spanishno., número ordinal, ordinal
Catalannombre ordinal, no., ordinal
Adjectivesordinalbeing or denoting a numerical order in a series

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