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English > 1 sense of the word mistaking:
NOUNcommunicationmistaking, misinterpretation, misunderstandingputting the wrong interpretation on
mistaking > pronunciation
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English > mistaking: 1 sense > noun 1, communication
Meaningputting the wrong interpretation on.
Example "there was no mistaking her meaning"
Synonymsmisinterpretation, misunderstanding
NarrowerimbroglioA very embarrassing misunderstanding
misconstrual, misconstructionA kind of misinterpretation resulting from putting a wrong construction on words or actions (often deliberately)
misreadingmisinterpretation caused by inaccurate reading / reading
BroaderinterpretationAn explanation that results from interpreting something
Spanishequivocación, error de interpretación, mal entendido, malentendido
Verbsmistakeidentify incorrectly

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