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English > 2 senses of the word manufacturer:
NOUNgroupmanufacturer, maker, manufacturing businessa business engaged in manufacturing some product
person manufacturer, producersomeone who manufactures something
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English > manufacturer: 2 senses > noun 1, group
MeaningA business engaged in manufacturing some product.
Synonymsmaker, manufacturing business
Narrowerarmorer, armourerA manufacturer / manufacturer of firearms
bottlerA manufacturer / manufacturer that makes and bottles beverages
car manufacturer, car maker, carmaker, auto manufacturer, auto maker, automakerA business engaged in the manufacture of automobiles
computer businessA business that manufactures and sells computers
Broaderbusiness, concern, business concern, business organization, business organisationA commercial or industrial enterprise and the people who constitute it
Spanishcasa, fabricante, firma, manufactura
Catalancasa, fabricant, firma
Verbsmanufactureput together out of artificial or natural components or parts
English > manufacturer: 2 senses > noun 2, person
Meaningsomeone who manufactures something.
InstancesMcCormick, Cyrus McCormick, Cyrus Hall McCormickUnited States inventor and manufacturer of a mechanical harvester (1809-1884)
Mercer, John MercerBritish maker of printed calico cloth who invented mercerizing (1791-1866)
Singer, Isaac M. Singer, Isaac Merrit SingerUnited States inventor of an improved chain-stitch sewing machine (1811-1875)
Whitney, Eli WhitneyUnited States inventor of the mechanical cotton gin (1765-1825)
Narrowerarms manufacturersomeone who manufactures arms and munitions
brewerThe owner or manager of a brewery
distillersomeone who distills alcoholic liquors
food manufacturerA person who manufactures food products
sericulturistA producer of raw silk
Broadermaker, shaperA person who makes things
Spanishfabricante, industrial, productor
Catalanfabricant, industrial, manufacturer
Verbsmanufactureput together out of artificial or natural components or parts

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