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English > 3 senses of the word horseback:
NOUNanimalhorsebackthe back of a horse
objecthorseback, hogbacka narrow ridge of hills
ADVERBallhorseback, ahorse, ahorsebackon the back of a horse
horseback > pronunciation
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English > horseback: 3 senses > noun 1, animal
MeaningThe back of a horse.
Part ofhorse, Equus caballussolid-hoofed herbivorous quadruped domesticated since prehistoric times
Broaderbody partAny part of an organism such as an organ or extremity
Spanishcaballo, grupa
English > horseback: 3 senses > noun 2, object
MeaningA narrow ridge of hills.
Broaderridge, ridgelineA long narrow range of hills
English > horseback: 3 senses > adverb 1
MeaningOn the back of a horse.
  • "he rode horseback to town"
  • "policeman patrolled the streets ahorseback"
Synonymsahorse, ahorseback
Spanisha caballo

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