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English > 1 sense of the expression gymnastic apparatus:
NOUNartifactgymnastic apparatus, exercisersports equipment used in gymnastic exercises
English > gymnastic apparatus: 1 sense > noun 1, artifact
Meaningsports equipment used in gymnastic exercises.
Categorygymnastics, gymnastic exerciseA sport that involves exercises intended to display strength and balance and agility
Narrowerbalance beam, beamA gymnastic apparatus used by women gymnasts
horizontal bar, high bargymnastic apparatus consisting of a bar supported in a horizontal position by uprights at both ends
horse, gymnastic horseA padded gymnastic apparatus on legs
parallel bars, barsgymnastic apparatus consisting of two parallel wooden rods supported on uprights
ringsgymnastic apparatus consisting of a pair of heavy metal circles (usually covered with leather) suspended by ropes
stall barA gymnastic apparatus used for strengthening exercises
trampolinegymnastic apparatus consisting of a strong canvas sheet / sheet attached with springs to a metal frame
Broadersports equipmentequipment needed to participate in a particular sport
Spanishaparato de gimnasia, aparato gimnástico
Catalanaparells de gimnàstica

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