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NOUNsubstanceguncotton, cellulose nitrate, nitrocellulose, nitrocottona nitric acid ester
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English > guncotton: 1 sense > noun 1, substance
MeaningA nitric acid ester; used in lacquers and explosives.
Synonymscellulose nitrate, nitrocellulose, nitrocotton
Narrowerpyrocellulosenitrocellulose containing less nitrogen than guncotton
pyroxylin, pyroxylineHighly flammable nitrocellulose used in making collodion and plastics and lacquers
Broadercellulose esterAny ester of cellulose with an acid
nitrateAny compound containing the nitrate group (such as a salt or ester of nitric acid)
Substance ofblasting gelatinmixture of guncotton with nitroglycerin
celluloidHighly flammable substance made from cellulose nitrate and camphor
corditeexplosive powder (nitroglycerin and guncotton and petrolatum) dissolved in acetone and dried and extruded in brown cords
Spanishalgodón pólvora, nitrato de celulosa, nitrocelulosa
Catalancotó pólvora, nitrocel·lulosa, nitrocelulosa

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