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NOUNbodyexocrine gland, exocrine, duct glanda gland that secretes externally through a duct
English > exocrine gland: 1 sense > noun 1, body
MeaningA gland that secretes externally through a duct.
Synonymsexocrine, duct gland
NarrowerCowper's gland, bulbourethral glandEither of two glands that discharge a component of seminal fluid into the urethra
cervical glands, cervical glands of the uterus, glandulae cervicales uterimucus-secreting glands in the mucosa of the uterine cervix
digestive glandAny gland having ducts that pour secretions into the digestive tract
lacrimal gland, lachrymal gland, tear glandAny of the glands in the eyes that secrete tears
mammary gland, mammamilk-secreting organ of female mammals
nabothian glandOne of many small glands of the uterine cervix that secrete mucus
oil glandA gland that secretes oil
pancreasA large elongated exocrine gland located behind the stomach
salivary glandAny of three pairs of glands in the mouth and digestive system that secrete saliva for digestion
seminal vesicleEither of a pair of glands located on either side of the male urinary bladder that open into the vas deferens and that secrete many components of semen during ejaculation
sweat gland, sudoriferous glandAny of the glands in the skin that secrete perspiration
vestibular glandA gland that opens into the vestibule of the vagina
Broadergland, secretory organ, secretor, secreterAny of various organs that synthesize substances needed by the body and release it through ducts or directly into the bloodstream
Spanishglándula exocrina
Catalanglàndula exocrina
Adjectivesexocrineof or relating to exocrine glands or their secretions

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